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If drive commercially, statistically you are likely to get more citations than the average driver, merely due to the countless hours you spend behind the wheel. A regular driver is not at risk of losing the ability to earn a living if cited too often, or when facing a criminal traffic offense accusation.

Piloting several tons of metal down the nation's highways requires skill and focus, and we have a high respect for commercial truck drivers. Our team is committed to zealously fighting for their interests. With extensive experience fighting traffic tickets and criminal charges in Miami-Dade, Your Traffic Ticket Attorney is well-equipped to help you challenge traffic citations and seek a beneficial outcome to your case.

Demerit Points for Commercial Drivers

Commercial drivers will get points against their license even for infractions that appear to be minor. Failure to keep right can result in 2 demerit points, following too closely can result in 2 demerit points, speeding 3 points, driving in the wrong lane can lead to 2 points being assessed against your license.

It can take very little to accumulate a dangerous level of demerit points on a commercial driver's license. It is critical to challenge each ticket aggressively to ensure your commercial driver's license remains in force.

Powerful Defense for Truckers in Florida

If you have received a traffic ticket, you need to protect your commercial license by challenging the validity of the citation, whether in a civil or criminal offense. Commercial drivers are held to a higher standard regarding motor vehicle operations and face more severe penalties for many violations.

For example, in situations involving DUI, the blood alcohol content (BAC) threshold is only .02% for those holding a commercial license, as opposed to the usual .08%. If you are ticketed for speeding or reckless driving, you will not have the option of attending traffic school or a driver education course to reduce the fine or remove the points. This applies to any vehicle you are driving, whether your own car or truck, a pleasure vehicle or your work vehicle.

Even if you are off-duty, the points will hit your commercial license, which will severely impact your ability to work. Many employers have strict rules on how many points they will tolerate on an employee's commercial driver's license, and the risk of losing employment can be an added stress. With our help, you can fight back.

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