• Traffic Tickets

    • I have too many points on my license , and got another ticket. What can I do?

      If you are at risk of license suspension, you need a Miami traffic ticket lawyer on your side at once. Don't pay the ticket - if you do, you will lose the ability to challenge it in court. The best chance you have is to call upon an attorney that has experience and success in defending both civil and criminal traffic offenses successfully, and get that lawyer to get to work for you. There are countless cases in which a traffic ticket is successfully challenged, and the individual avoids license suspension or revocation.

    • Can a DUI charge be defended?

      Any criminal charge could be successfully defended, including DUI offenses. You may believe you should just plead guilty, but in fact, your case may have serious flaws. The police may have made a grave error at any point, from the initial police stop through to the arrest and any test administered. You owe it to yourself to find out before you plead guilty. Call us.

    • What is a criminal traffic offense?

      There are various traffic tickets that are criminal charges, such as DUI, reckless driving and cases in which an accident, injury or fatality took place due to some form of negligent driving. These offenses are far more serious than civil traffic citations, but any traffic ticket can be defended, and they all carry points in a conviction. The criminal traffic offenses often include license suspension or revocation for varying lengths of time.

    • What is a civil traffic offense?

      These are minor traffic violations, such as driving over the speed limit, or other types of infractions that did not cause an accident, endanger the health or safety of others, and did not include drunk driving.

    • What if I have not paid my traffic tickets?

      Eventually you will have a warrant issued, and can be picked up at any time. It is extremely dangerous (not to mention embarrassing) to be pulled over for some minor violation and subsequently arrested and taken to jail due to unpaid traffic tickets. Find out how we can help you solve this dangerous problem.

    • How do I defend a traffic ticket?

      You have 30 days in which to request a hearing. Your Traffic Ticket Attorney can take care of all of the details. Call us before you make a decision about paying a ticket. Need to avoid more points, or possible license suspension or even jail time? We can work with you and seek out the best possible strategy.