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There are over 400 miles of toll roads in Florida, and with the recent change to cashless toll stations in Broward and Miami-Dade County, it is easy to accumulate a huge bill over a thirty day period. Have you received a notice in the mail that your vehicle registration or driver's license is in danger of being suspended for unpaid toll fees? Do you have a Sun Pass transponder that you erroneously thought was working? It is a shock to find that you owe a huge bill for tolls and administrative fees.

If this is your situation, don't pay the tickets without first discussing the situation with Your Traffic Ticket Attorney. These tickets count as moving violations on your driving record, and can add points to your license. Our team has years of experience helping countless people deal with traffic toll tickets. We can put our experience to work for you and get this matter resolved.

What Can I Do About My Toll Violation Tickets?

There are strategies that could be employed by our Miami traffic ticket lawyer to help you to avoid fees and extra costs added to unpaid toll fees. Something as simple as moving several times in a short period of time could defeat the system that has been set up to inform drivers that their Sun Pass is not functioning correctly. Sun Pass transponders can malfunction, credit cards expire, and you may have sold a vehicle and failed to send the information to the correct location.

You may be required to pay the toll fees, but we can assist you to seek to avoid heavy administrative fees and more importantly, ensure your driver's license or vehicle registration is not suspended.

If you have unpaid toll fees and toll violation tickets, contact our team so that we can get to work to get the issue back on track, and fight to help you avoid heavy fines, fees and legal problems. Call today!

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