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Have you had your driver's license suspended after being arrested for DUI? We understand that this is a frightening experience which generates a chain of decisions that must be made within a certain time frame. If this is your first DUI arrest, you have 10 days to challenge the DHSMV suspension, or you will lose that right.

Your Traffic Ticket Attorney can give you a crystal-clear view into the law, your options, and what should be done with regard to a DHSMV hearing and your legal right to drive. Make a decision you won't regret, and call upon our firm for professional assistance in scheduling and representing you at a DHSMV hearing.

Miami DHSMV Hearing Lawyer: Driver’s License Suspension

There are recent changes in law for DUI convictions. At first glance, it may appear that the new legislation is superior, as it streamlines the process for obtaining a Business Purpose Only (BPO) license for first offenders. There is also a risk to taking this route; your license suspension cannot be challenged and you will have the suspension on your permanent driving record.

If your livelihood depends on your ability to drive with no lapse, we should review this option. Before you make a decision to give up your right to challenge the suspension, talk to a Miami traffic ticket attorney from our firm. If this is not your first offense, the decision is clear, as this option is not available to you. Your case should be reviewed immediately. You have decisions to make, and our DHSMV hearing lawyer is a former Miami prosecutor and is ready to review your situation immediately.

Can I Challenge My Driver’s License Suspension?

Our attorney should meet with you at once to review the specifics of your case to give you a realistic assessment of the options open to you. The risk of challenging the suspension is that should the DHSMV uphold the suspension, you would have a 30 day minimum 'hard time' license suspension before we could apply for a BPO license. The penalties are greater for refusals to blow in the breathalyzer, or if your blood alcohol content is alleged to have been over .08%.

Challenging your driver's license suspension in a DHSMV hearing has a few noteworthy advantages. First, it gives us the opportunity of review the case against you, and to analyze the situation, evidence, and test results, police procedures and other data. This is an important matter that should take place immediately. It may be possible to get your case dismissed, under specific circumstances. Second, if the arresting officer or the technician who administered your breath test does not appear at the hearing, the suspension could be automatically lifted. This is not uncommon. We are ready to help you fight back. Call now.

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