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Need to defend against a traffic ticket? Your Traffic Ticket Attorney offers exceptional legal counsel in all traffic violations, from civil to criminal. If you have racked up too many points and could lose your license, were caught driving without a license, have been charged with any DUI offense, or need to try to avoid increased insurance rates, read about how we can help you and use the link to the page about your area of concern.

Commercial Drivers 
You could lose your ability to drive if the right actions are not taken by a highly qualified and experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Miami. Whether you are facing DUI charges or other serious violation, and you hold a commercial driver's license, we know what to do. Read more.

DHSMV Hearings 
Your DUI charge has two separate legal matters to address, the criminal charge and your license suspension. At our firm, we manage both of these matters for you. If you need to challenge the suspension of your license, we can evaluate your situation and advise you about how we will proceed to do so in a DHSMV hearing. Find out more.

Driver's License Restoration 
If your license has been suspended or revoked, there is a process that must be undertaken to once again gain the legal right to operate a vehicle. Let our firm help you with this process so it moves ahead quickly and get back behind the wheel. Read more about how we can help.

Driving On A Suspended License 
Are you facing legal problems related to accusations that you were driving on a suspended license? The penalties could cause you great problems, cost you money, and lead to a long period of license suspension or revocation. Find out how we can help.

Driving Without A License 
The penalties for driving without a license can include up to $5,000 in fines if your license was revoked. If you have prior convictions for the same offense, you could expect to spend jail time that can range from 60 days to 5 years, based upon the circumstances in your case. Find out more.

Driving Without Insurance 
You are required under Florida law to hold and maintain current car insurance. If you are stopped by law enforcement and found to be driving without insurance, you will be charged and will face 12 months of license suspension. Talk to our traffic ticket lawyer at once if this is your situation.

Leaving The Scene Of An Accident 
You are legally required to stop and render aid if you have been involved in an accident, and leaving the scene is a felony offense when an injury accident has taken place. If you are accused of this crime, your freedom is at risk, and there is real potential for a prison sentence in a felony conviction. Read more.

Moving Violations 
Some moving violations are criminal offenses, while others are civil violations. Running red lights, speeding, illegal turns and other tickets could lead to real problems for you, as you will accrue points on your license if you pay your ticket and admit guilt. If you already have several traffic ticket convictions, you could lose your license. You can fight the charge in court. We can help - find out more.

Red Light Tickets 
Do you get a red light ticket? Something can be done about it. Many people choose to challenge the evidence and fight the ticket, thereby avoiding points and increased insurance rates. Want to find out how? Read our red light ticket page for more information.

Reckless Driving 
If you are accused of reckless driving, it could be possible to successfully challenge the ticket, or get it reduced to a less serious charge of careless driving. As reckless driving is considered to endanger the safety of others, and is a criminal traffic offense, that can be challenged in court. Read more.

Speeding Tickets 
A speeding ticket is costly. Not only will you pay a fine, you will be facing much higher insurance rates for a long period of time, sometimes in the thousands per year. You have the option to challenge the speeding ticket, and we can help. Read more.

Toll Violations 
If you have been sent a ticket for a toll violation, whether you held a pass but had no funds or are accused of driving through without paying the toll, you are in violation of the law. You are facing a civil traffic violation, and have 30 days in which to take action. Want to fight it? Find out how.

Traffic Accidents 
Any accident in which another party is injured or killed can become very serious legally. If you are accused of causing the accident, whether due to drunk driving, speeding, reckless or distracted driving, the consequences of a conviction can be extensive, including jail or prison time. Read more.

Truck Driver Tickets 
Those who operate commercial vehicles face a very serious problem when ticketed. Based upon the type of ticket, civil or criminal, there is the possibility that you could lose your right to hold a commercial driver's license. We are advocates for working commercial drivers in all types of traffic tickets. Find out how we can help you now.

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