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Driving Without a License in Miami-Dade

Traffic Ticket Lawyer for Charges of Driving Without a License

Driving without a valid driver's license in Florida is a misdemeanor offense. There is frequently another offense involved, in addition to not holding a valid license. The police may have pulled you over for speeding or simply for a broken taillight. In any case, the additional infraction of not having a license can increase the penalties radically. Hiring a Miami traffic ticket attorney could save you from serious consequences.

We have fought tickets and suspensions for many years and can give you an experienced, no-nonsense assessment of how to resolve your legal situation. This is not a simple offense, especially if you are an underage driver. As a former Miami prosecutor, our attorney is highly skilled in all legal matters involving serious traffic offenses, including driving without a license.

Penalties for Unlicensed Driving in Florida

If you simply forgot your valid license and have received a ticket, you can present your license at the location indicated on the ticket and that can resolve the issue. The penalty can be very heavy if you have a suspended license and are caught behind the wheel by law enforcement, or if you have had it permanently revoked for legal issues such as reckless driving.

Additionally, it's important for commercial drivers to know that they are held to a much higher standard when it comes to traffic law, and the penalties for violations are much more severe. Commercial drivers also run the risk of losing their livelihood for driving without a license - if you drive for a living, call our firm at once.

Get the Aggressive Traffic Ticket Defense You Need!

Any case involving driving without a license is a serious issue, and demands the help of a qualified Miami traffic ticket lawyer who knows what to do. You need an accomplished lawyer to guide you through the process who will be prepared to fight to help you avoid severe consequences. You may have been stopped illegally. If so, your case could be dismissed.

Contact Your Traffic Ticket Attorney as soon as possible, so we can begin the process of helping you fight the ticket in court. Call us today as you need to act quickly to get this issue under control. 

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